Preliminary August 2nd 2014 DGI Information

More information to come, but as shared by the LTD during Saturday รข pre-round briefing the 2014 DGI will move weekends and probably venues.  The 33rd DGI is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014 pending negotiations with the Purdue National. 
 As announced by Purdue Director of Golf Devon Brouse class of 71, a major renovation of the Ackerman Hills course is in the works for 2014 which would close the facility for the season.  The DGI would move to the adjacent Kampen Course in the interim. Stay tuned.

2013 DGI Golf Outing

Bieri sleepwalks to 7th DGI title

Bereft of sleep after two robust nights spent on State Street, Alex Bieri nevertheless cruised to a 14-stroke victory today in the 32nd annual Delt Golf Invitational on the Ackerman Hills Course at Purdue University.  

The long-hitting fly swatter captured his fifth straight DGI title and seventh overall, moving him past Mark (Salty) Peters class of 76 into second place in DGI championship annals. Only Bill Brocious class of 86, a 10-time winner, has carted home more DGI crowns.

Ed Harbauer class of 75 finished as runner-up overall at 157 which also gave him possession of the Old Guys Cup for the first time since 2010. 

An overall field of 47 participated in this years event, including 14 hearty souls, none under the age of 35, that attended the event on Sunday morning.  

Below are some pictures of the event.

2013 Golf Outing Pictures