Jim Jackson's (1975) Input

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Posted by Orval Jacobsen on April 21st

Chuck McKinsey (1949) Letter

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Paul Miller (1943) Letter

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Jim Jackson 1973 U Sing Picture Comments

Jim Jackson's letter that accompanied the 1973 U Sing photo displayed below.

28 January 2013

Brother Jacobsen, 

Public performance is not unknown to the members of Chapter Gamma Lambda, as witness the enclosed photograph from University Sing, circa 1973. Joining the hoods, nerds, and greasers of Delta Tau Delta were the prom queens, and bobby soxers of Delta Gamma Sorority.


On that spring evening our assembly arose from the depths of Elliot Hall of Music, via the platform lift to stage level, much to the delight of the Purdue Grand Prix Queen, her Court, and the enthusiastic audience.


Less amused by our choice of music and stage wardrobe was Director of Purdue Musical Organizations Dr. Albert Stewart. Wasn't the first time we Delts opted not to follow convention. Certainly wouldn't be the last. This event remains a fond memory of a bygone time, of a bygone time. Thought it might be of interest to some.


Jim L. Jackson (1974)


............and I believe I can identify each of us by hometown, pledge class, major, room number, and Delt pseudonym.

U Sing 1973 Picture