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Gamma Lambda - Purdue University

Gamma Lambda

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West Lafayette, IN 47906

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The Gamma Lambda Chapter at Purdue University is a chapter that is growing with leadership. Every year we have more and more brothers who are interested in getting involved in the house, whether it be committees or executive positions. This has reflected greatly on the house. We are also involved in many organizations campus wide. We are very proud of our brother, Carl Littrell, who is the president of Greek Intervarsity on campus. Greek IV is a Greek Christian organization on campus that strives to connect greeks with God. We also have a few brothers involved in student government and student council and one of whom is thinking about running for student body president. Delts is a very strong organization in intramural sports here on campus and we recently won the Ultimate Frisbee championship. We have had 2 separate brothers found two intramural sports here on campus, baseball club and golf club. Our chapter is really striving to get involved in service hour work at the local humane society and with Lafayette Habitat for Humanity. We are really looking forward to growing our leadership role in the Greek World and here on campus.