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Please take a look at the We Sing Serenade/Reflections Dinner web page on this web site. 

We are trying to get enough brothers together on April 4th and 5th 2014 so that we can go out and do one more serenade and also have an Alumni Reflections Dinner with the active chapter on that Saturday night.

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On this page you will find portions of the DVD that Ken Hauersley (1961) brought to our 2011 Homecoming event. For those of us that remember when the chapter sang and competed in University Sing these You Tube videos will definitely bring back some great memories.

The first video is Ken's introduction.

The 2nd video contains the following songs that we performed for University Sing back in the early 60s. It also contains Goodnight Little Girl which is a song that always ended our sorority serenades.Those songs are:

       All Through the Night (U Sing)
       Drunken Sailor (Don't know if that's us but we sang it)
       Whirlwind (U Sing)
       Green Sleeves (Not us but we sang it twice in U Sing)
       Cowboy Serenade (U Sing)

The 3nd video contains more pictures of the brothers and the chapter in the late 50's early 60's.

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. I know that it is difficult to read much of the small print so if you would like a copy of Ken's DVD just send me an EMail using DeltsConnect.

Ken Hauersley DVD Introduction

Chapter pictures with U Sing Recordings

Chapter pictures and acknowledgements